We plant ONE tree for EVERY twenty Shot Glasses Sold!!


Groomsmen Gifts

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.Thank your groomsmen by giving them this special gift. Personalized Shot Glasses made out of wood that will last. Free Shipping Buy Today at our ETSY store. Click Here, receive in 5-7 days!




Anniversary Gifts


Anniversary coming up? Give your loved one the gift that will make them feel special on this special day. Customizable just for you, a gift that will be unique to you and your loved one. Get yours from our ETSY store Today Click Here



Wedding Favors

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Thank the guests at your wedding by giving them one of these unique shot glasses. Wooden Shotglasses that your guests will love. All of your guests will remember your special day. Customize each shot glasses, tell us what you want engraved, and we will send them to you 5-7 days after the order is placed at our ETSY store click Here to buy

The Gift for Any Occasion!


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The wooden shot glass is a great gift for any occasion.

With each shot glass purchased two sides of engraved text are included Free!

Birthday Gifts, Engrave the First and Last name of the person celebrating a birthday!

Anniversary Gifts, Show your loved one you remembered your special day with this gift!

Engrave the date of your Anniversary on one side and your names on the other

Groomsmen Gifts, Engrave the names of your Groomsmen on these Shot Glasses

There are many possibilities, you can be creative!

Make your own design and shot glass or use our Pre- Made designs!

Order yours today! You can order through our ETSY Store.